Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mum!!!

She is so beautiful!!!

She is so loved!!!

She is so talented!!!

She is so strong!!!

I am so grateful for my Mum. Thanks for loving me no matter what Mum! I love you!!!
Have fun settling into your 50's.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Disclaimer...I'm usually not this personal...

Stop what your doing right now and watch this movie.

I loved this movie!! The more I think about it the more I love it. There is something about it that reminded me of Mary. Maybe not Mary herself, but more what is left behind. Maybe just because it's that time of the year, and I miss her. It made me see how we are all bound through her and maybe I am not the only one who feels like there was something I could've done and maybe that feeling never goes away.
This movie is filled with music and love and hate and food and family. It's nice to see something real.
In the months after Mary died Byron would call me in the middle of the night - because I couldn't sleep- and sing me neil young songs until i could. In this movie the guy sings a neil young song as part of his wedding vows. I'm sure everyone has a movie or a moment or a song and it feels like so many parts of it are just for you, and this is mine.
I balled my way through this movie but I loved every minute of it. This movie was for me. Watch it and let me know how you feel about it.

'You know it aint easy, you've got to hold on'

I miss her and I know you do too.

**It's funny how we find something in a movie that no one else see's. I'm sure you'll all like/dislike this movie for your own reasons. Sorry if you go and see this movie expecting it to have a really clear relationship to Mary, i think it is maybe more related to me and how I feel.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I do hair???

Liz decided to make a change this weekend so I wound up cutting and coloring her hair. Weird huh?







Isn't she beautiful? My favorite part was seeing the look on Sams face. I said to him yesterday, 'Do you love it?', and he replied 'I LOVE it' and smiled. a lot.

Dave and Busters is fun

Alex, Roxanne and I went to Dave and Busters this weekend. As you can see I was a winner.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I take photos I guess...

All my photos have to be black and white for my class, i wish i could do them in color.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Hawaii Time

Leilani was in town for her Jonathon Canlas workshop this past week, so I got to hang out with her and new friends Grant and Amy. It was so good to see you Lelani!! Come back soon.

Friday, November 7, 2008


So on Halloween Mum, Dad, Sam, Liz and I went on a haunted hayride. Actually Sam, Liz and I went first and afterwards I called mum and dad and insisted they come and do it with us. I knew it was going to be awesome when the ride was just getting started and we passed this little plastic skeleton, this made Mum cry out in terror. As the ride progressed all sorts of things happend. There were people dressed up as ghosts riding horses that surrounded us and rode by really quickly, heaps of really cool costumes, monsters and zombies. Little children asking for a ride, people hanging from trees, a graveyard where things climbed out of the graves and started to walk towards us trying to touch us. All of this was really scarey, especially when the these things really were touching us. Eww!!!! I surprised myself by becoming hysterical when we were approached by scary clowns. I was laughing/crying (chris you may remember this from our camel ride,)really creeped out! But the highlight of the night was being on the ride with mum. She was screaming and crying and throwing herslef all over the place, at one point she was crouched in the fetal position on the ground. Dad and I were holding her entire body for a lot if the time because she was just throwing herself around. When the little children (like 5 year olds) came up and asked for a ride she shouted 'No, Go away!!'. We were the last group for the night so some of the kids towards the end of the ride hopped on the back of the truck and were riding back to the main area with us, Mum showed no mercy, she kept saying, 'Get off!!'. This kid wasn't even in costume, just a sweet little boy in a red T-shirt trying to get a ride home. Hilarious!!!
I think these photos speak for themselves...

You have to admitt thats a pretty scarey looking clown...