Friday, March 28, 2008

Internet Wandering...

So i have become weirdly obsessed with Vera Wang lately. Today during the monotony of my many hours with nothing to do at work, i found some pretty wedding dresses. Not that I have any where near a reason to be looking but here they are anyway.

It's been a while

Alex and I and a sexy man...

This is so good, it's my favourite thing, called Asaii, berry smoothie thing, museli and bananas. So good. Thats my roomate Alex.

Notice the wild look in my eye. I think I can now drink a can of coke in one gulp. It's the American way.

So Maybe it's been a long time since I wrote anything. Maybe I only ever blogged when Rosie was with me and she pretty much did the whole thing for me. I'll admitt the reason why i'm doing this now is that i am in my 3rd hour of work with NOTHING to do, and so i thought why not. I am going to attempt to put some pictures up, hopefully this will get me motivated to take more photos and post them. Rose can you please call me and show me how to get my profile normal.
PS I don't want to be as bad as Jonelle

Pictures for my Mum

I think my Mum is such a styling lady, and I am always trying to show her my ideas for cool stuff she can wear. So i decided to post some pictures that make me think of her.