Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whats been happening....

I took a letter press course and i loved every second of it. 

I bought a rabbit and she was beautiful and then she ran away.

Jackie moved up to number one on the cute scale.

Jasmine and i had a romantic evening for two at the Rendevous hotel.  Very Classy.

We learned that there is a whole world of people obsessed with minature trains.

I got to hang out with this little guy for the first time since he was born.  Love.

We became a part of the group of people who are obsessed with minature trains.

MACK GOT MARRIED??? And my camera died immediatly.

I flew to Christchurch to catch up wtih the family

I turned Harriet into a mini me.

In other news I just bought a ticket to Thailand....so excited!


Charlotte Rose said...

I got a ticket too now.

Crystal said...

fab post - pity they are so far apart!! the letter press course sounds great, but we all know it was an excuse to get away for your romantic weekend with jaz. HOORAY for thailand.

Meggles Dixon said...

Your photos are absolutely beautiful <3