Saturday, August 2, 2008

This Week...

I can't believe this week has gone by so fast. Not much has happend, I am still working at the restaurant every night, which is great. I spent a bit of time with Chris's nieces and nephews this week. Here are some pics...

I went for a walk on Monday night and tried to take some photos of things I can paint.

I love these round shapes, so pretty.

I love this queen annes lace. It's so pretty.

I also found a frog

Favorite Photo of the week

Who knew that Anders had a future as a creepy killer??


The Cammocks said...

Hey My Beautiful Girl,

I love the photos. I love the weed that looks like lace, we call them thistle flowers, or maybe not. I am really excited to see you lucy. I have been thinking about you alot lately. I am really excited to see Mike and to be with you both for a while. I will do my best about the biscuits. (tell Mike)

Charlotte Rose said...

So our Skype conversation has really come to an end. But I am eagerly anticipating another Skype session sooner rather than later. We like the yello round flowers, they look cool. JAsmine knows how to comment now, sooo expect her tooo.

Charlotte Rose said...

I also think you could do some awesone pictures using the queen anne lace pictures, they look cool.

Chelle said...

It's amazing to see the picture of the flowers around. I haven't noticed a few of those around here. I especially love the first flower photo you posted. If you paint that, I want to buy it!

Love the pictures of the kids Thanks for being an adopted aunt and helping us all out with the kids, it really means a lot.